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BrainFudgeBrainFudgeBrainF**K is an esoteric programming language known for its minimalism. It was created by Urban Müller to challenge and amuse programmers. This Android app allows you to write, execute, and save BF programs. It includes a rich stylised interface with transition animations, an ascii code look up, instructions, and examples. Category: ToolsMain Language Used: AndroidSupport Languages Used: XMLJavaClick to view

Coding Sampleprivate boolean ExecuteCommand(BF_Command _cmd) { brainFudgeLoop bfl; boolean continueFlowing = true; mStepCount++; switch(_cmd) { case NextPointer: movePointer(true); break; case PreviousPointer: movePointer(false); break; case PlusOne: plusOne(); break; case MinusOne: minusOne(); break; case StartLoop: bfl = findLoop(mInstructionPointer,true); if(bfl == null) { mIo.OnError(mErrorMsgLoopOpen); mHasEnded = true; return false; } if(getCurrentStateValue() == 0) { //skip loop bfl.resetTouches(); mInstructionPointer = bfl.getEnd(); } break; case EndLoop: if(getCurrentStateValue() > 0) { bfl = findLoop(mInstructionPointer,false); if(bfl == null) { mIo.OnError(mErrorMsgLoopClose); mHasEnded = true; return false; } bfl.touched(); if(bfl.getTouches() >= MAX_LOOP_ITERATION) { Log.d(TAG,"Stopping loop"); mIo.OnError(mErrorMsgNeverEndingLoop); mHasEnded = true; return false; } mInstructionPointer = bfl.getStart(); } break; case Output: outputState(); break; case Input: requestInput(); continueFlowing = false; break; } if(continueFlowing) { nextInstruction(); } return continueFlowing; }