8-bit fluff Title:Jon-Keatley.com


This is the 4th envisioning of my online portfolio site. I try and remake my folio once every two years to keep it in sync with my ever changing skills and taste. The retro games, space invader theme has been carried on from the previous incarnation of the folio. This time the space invaders theme has been re-imagined in bright optimistic tones of orange and detailed pixel art.

This site was created using OO-PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, and Flash. It has a hidden interface that allows for the manipulation of content for the various sections. There are four main content sections News, Examples, Tools, and Stats.

JavaScript and CSS are used to create the isometric main menu section. The popup tool tip is relatively positioned based on four preset CSS classes which are switched between dynamically using JavaScript.

The art for the site was created in Photoshop and CSS was used for optimization.

Below are screen grabs of the previous incarnations of this portfolio. Version 1 Version 1 Version 2 Version 2 Version 3 Version 3

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